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Wind carvings

It`s not every day you get cloud free mountains in the Cairngorms. Okay, so it`s more challenging if it`s cloudy and breezy, but us photographers and outdoor types want to see where we are going and enjoy the views. Nowhere finer than Bynack More on a Sunny Sunday. A winter playground. At almost 1100 metres great views were all around including this image looking south to the Barns of Bynack and beyond through the Lairig and Laoigh pass. With the soul happily filled the 8 miles through soft snow, back to the car was pretty painless.


Straight and narrow

Pines on the shores of Loch an Eilein, Rothiemurchus.


Spring Calm

Loch Pityoulish


Pine Sandwich

Loch Morlich and the Cairngorms. Amazing clarity of light.


Arc of Triumph, Loch Morlich

It`s Autumn. Its windy and wet. But it`s fantastic for shooting atmospheric landscapes. I stood on the shores of Loch Morlich watching the weather play out from sunshine to rain and back again. A moment of magic, and all done in 1/160th of a second.


A Light touch, Loch Pityoulish

Dawn light on this Strathspey Loch