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Running Shadows

Loch Garten. The light on that morning`s trip to my local Loch was quite outstanding. Crisp, and intense.Filtered by a light mist. It was also very brief...perhaps a little over a minute.


The Dark Ridge

Loch Garten. This is my local loch and where I served my "apprenticeship". 2005 was when I really started studying light in the landscape.


Dancing Pine

Loch Garten sunrise. Many trees get squished by heavy snow when they are young resulting in this shapely beauty


All washed up

Loch Garten. 2013 was the year i took the challenge of 365. A photograph each and every day.


"Two rock sunrise"

Loch Garten, Strathspey


"Wind and Rain 2"

Storm lashed shore of Loch Garten, Boat of Garten


Winter Waters

Loch Garten. One of the very first digital images I took. This the only one on the site using the Kodak camera


Moonlight Shadows

Loch Garten under a full moon.