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Castle Roy, Nethy bridge. Nightscape with added torchlight. Spot the shooting star.


Summer heights

A bit harsh perhaps after the long summer of '18 but I'm merely referring to me taking a summery image for a change. There's no storm clouds here, no mists lifting of a deserted moorland, no dramatic cascading stream.........Its just a nice, July evening looking over Nethy Bridge towards the Cairngorms with wildflowers and gently swaying barley shuffling around my legs . Normal service will be resumed soon ! "Summer heights" 1/10th sec @ F16.


Beeching`s legacy

Dr Beeching was responsible for the government cuts to railways all across the land back in 1963 and onwards. This piece of engineering across the river Spey near Nethy bridge was the line that fed the distilleries. How important that would have been today.